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What is a Traffic Exchange?


    A traffic exchange site is a type of membership site that allows members to surf and view other members’ sites in order to get their own promoted website viewed by other members.

   There are 2 types of traffic exchange sites :

   Auto traffic exchange sites: they use a bot which is the form of software installed in the computer which serves to browse for you. It is these bots that surf at your place and you can earn credits while you are doing other tasks in backgrounds. In other words, you get something (credits) without doing anything and in the end, you can use these credits to advertise your own business.

   This type of traffic exchange site provides fake traffic and lack the ability to convert, get subscriber, or clicks on your ads.

So no money to make because bots don’t have a credit card and they don’t know how to place an order. Lol.

   Though you must avoid this type of traffic exchange site. Right?

   Manual traffic exchange sites: As its name suggests, a manual traffic exchange site is a membership site where members are required to manually surf other members’ads in order to get the same in return.

   Unlike the previous one, they restrict bot access and generally they use captcha verification in order to check whether browsing is done by a robot or a real human. This is the best traffic site type to use and this is the kind of traffic source we will cover in this post.

   Keep in mind, the concept of the traffic Exchange site is that ” you get what you offer”

   Let’s now have a look at my top and hand-picked best and free traffic exchange sites.

Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


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